General Rules @ GRONERS

General rules of our GRONERS houses in Leipzig, Ahrenshoop and Karlsruhe

Dear guests,

Nice that you are here! It is important to us that all guests feel comfortable and look after each other. Therefore, there are a few general rules of the game for the GRONERS houses for a peaceful and considerate interaction with each other. You will be informed about additional features of each house before or when you arrive.

24/7 reception

If your GRONERS has a reception, it is staffed 24/7 for questions and information of any kind. Come to us whenever you need it or we can give you some local tips for the neighbourhood.

Check-in / check-out

On the day of arrival a check-in is possible from 3.00 pm, for your room / bed. On the agreed departure day, the rooms / beds must be vacated by no later than - for individual travelers: 11.00 am - for groups: 10.00 am. Our GRONERS Ahrenshoop the arrival time is from 4.00 pm and it's cleared by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure. If you need more sleep, a late departure is possible until 2.00 pm for a small fee and upon availability. Just tell the colleague at the reception at our GRONERS Leipzig or Karlsruhe. If you are staying at our GRONERS Ahrenshoop, please write an email with your request. Of course, you can leave your luggage with us at any time and pick it up at a later time (in case of a group booking of 16 or more persons, ask the reception about how long your luggage can be stored). At our GRONERS Ahrenshoop, luggage storage is no longer possible after check-out.

For each room / bed/ apartment you will receive a key or keycard, which also opens the front door of your GRONERS at late hour. Please always make sure that you do not lose them and carry them. Report to the reception immediately if you should lose your card anyway. For the loss we charge in this case € 5,00 per keycard.

In case of loss or forgotten keys in the apartment in Ahrenshoop, the designated emerency number must be contacted immediately. Any costs incurred for an emergency opening are to be paid directly by the guest on site.


Upon departure, the rooms / beds are accepted by the responsible companion of the group (from 16 persons), which duly transfers the rooms to the staff.

Environment | Hygiene

We pay attention to a correct, sustainable waste separation and do not ask to throw hygiene articles or other objects in the toilets. In each bathroom / WC you will find sanitary bags and buckets. Furthermore, there are sufficient containers for waste disposal available.

Community kitchen

If there is a shared kitchen in your GRONERS, you can use it from 6.00 am to midnight. Please do not bring food to your room, but enjoy it in our restaurant - or loung -area. Please bring the used dishes as well as waste to the designated clearing station and leave the guest kitchen as you found it. Bring your own food and drinks in the provided refrigerators and must be provided with room number, name and check-out date. You are welcome to use the labels provided. We would like to point out that GRONERS Hospitality GmbH acceps no liability for the loss of stored items. Several times a week, our team disposes of labeled or spoiled food as well as food from guests who have already left. Your GRONERS accepts no liability for food. 

Sleep, order & safety

From 10.00 pm to 6.00 am, all rooms / apartments, corridors, outdoor areas, terraces and courtyards are in the night. Any noise should be avoided. Non-observance of the night's sleep can lead to the immediate house reference. We expect respectful interaction with other guests, residents and the team. It is not allowed to throw objects, liquids or other things out of the windows, to dry towels on the windows or to call out of the windows. In some rooms, the windows are not or only partially open due to security reasons. Emergency exits of any kind and fire escape may only be used in an emergency. It is important to note the maximum payload of the elevators. In case of improper use, we assume no liability and the resulting costs are to be paid directly on site.

Each GRONERS (except Ahrenshoop) is staffed 24/7. At night there are regular patrols through the building. The main entrances are locked at night, access to the hostel is possible at any time with the key card. For security, the public areas are video-monitored. Guests not booked in the GRONERS are only allowed in the rooms after prior registration at the reception. The hostel may refuse access on a case-by-case basis.


In all GRONERS houses smoking of legal and illegal substances is strictly prohibited throughout the buidlings. Smoking of legal substances is permitted in the designated outdoor areas. In the event of non-compliance, we will charge € 200 for the increased cleaning effort and associated loss of sales. We reserve the right to claim higher damages if, for B. the hostel is charged for a fire service or a caused by unauthorized smoking fire has caused damage to our property. The same applies to the manipulation of smoke detectors or the unauthorized opening of emergency doors. Our staff are also authorised to ban the guest in question from the premises immediately.

Alcohol, illegal intoxicants & weapons

No alcoholic drinks are allowed in the hostels. Of course, we also comply with the requirements of the Youth Protection Act and live up to its specifications. The bringing in of illegal intoxicants as well as weapons is strictly forbidden in all GRONERS houses and leads to the immediate house reference. In any case, the competent authorities will be notified immediately.


When making a reservation, pets are only allowed in private rooms such as single or double rooms, double rooms deluxe, family rooms, 4-bed and 6-bed rooms. It is not permitted to bring pets in shared rooms with an individually booked bed. A fee will be charged on arrival. Please make sure that they too are quiet and leashed / secured on the way to / from the room. We are happy to provide food and drinking bowls.

Pets are generally not permitted in our holiday apartments in Ahrenshoop.

In case of emergency

In the case of a fire alarm, a loud beep will sound. When this sounds, it is no longer allowed to go to the rooms and the building must be left on the quickest route. In this case, only the stairs and emergency staircases may be used, but in no case the elevators. The emergency exits are marked accordingly. Escape plans hang out at the reception and at the room doors as well as in the hallways. Depending on the situation, the escape meeting point is in front of or behind the house.


For culpable or negligent caused inventory damage or gross impurities the guest is liable individually. If the culprit of a group is not established, the entire group is jointly and severally liable. We reserve the right to demand a deposit of up to € 500.00 per booking upon arrival or during the stay, which will be refunded on departure or latest within 7 days after departure, unless we have not noticed any damage caused by the guest or the group or gross impurities. Damages or costs for the removal of gross impurities, which exceed the amount of the deposit, are to be paid on the spot or will be charged later, if the GRONERS incurs costs for e.g. Fire brigade - or other rescue operations are charged by third parties. The latter also applies to damages and gross impurities, which are determined only after departure of the customer or the group.


Furthermore, the general terms and conditions of the GRONERS Hospitality GmbH are valid - these are available for download at or can be requested within the GRONERS houses. Gross violations of the house rules, the terms and conditions or the disregard of instructions by the staff as well as serious and repeated harassment of other guests may lead to the termination of the accommodation contract, claims for damages and house ban: A refund for already paid services is excluded.

General Conditions of Participation in Sweepstakes of GRONERS Hospitaliy GmbH

Unless we have published special conditions of participation for a sweepstake on our website, the following general conditions of participation apply. Any Special Terms and Conditions of Participation of a specific sweepstake supplement these regulations and take precedence over these regulations in the event of contradictions or ambiguities. Such Special Terms and Conditions of Participation will always be published separately:

Acknowledgement of the conditions of participation
By participating in the competition, the participant bindingly accepts these Conditions of Participation of GRONERS Hostels GmbH together with any additionally published Special Conditions of Participation.

Eligibility for participation
Only natural persons over the age of 18 are eligible to participate and win. Excluded from participation are all employees of GRONERS Hostels GmbH, the cooperation partners and sponsors involved in the organization of the competition, if applicable, as well as all other persons who are or were involved in the implementation of the competition and, with regard to the aforementioned persons: their respective first and second degree relatives as well as their spouses and life partners in accordance with the German Civil Partnership Act.

The sweepstakes will be presented online on the Instagram profile.
In the case of online sweepstakes, the winner will be chosen by lot or by the mechanism otherwise separately announced, e.g. online voting, awarding of Likes, posting of comments on the Facebook fan page etc. Online sweepstakes end at the time specified in each case.
Insofar as a sweepstake is carried out via Instagram, the following supplementary regulation applies: This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram and is also in no other way connected to Instagram. All information transmitted on the occasion of participation in sweepstakes is provided by the participant himself and not by Instagram. The participant declares not to assert any claims against Instagram due to participation in the sweepstakes.

If the sweepstakes takes place via online participation, there are no separate costs for participation apart from the individual connection costs, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Announcement of the winner
If the prior solution of a task is decisive for the prize, the solution will be announced online by GRONERS Hostels GmbH following the completion of the game. The winner will be notified via Instagram account.

The GRONERS Hostels GmbH will send non-cash prizes by mail within two weeks, unless expressly stated otherwise. A cash payment of non-cash prizes is excluded.

In the event of a win, photos or articles may be created and published as part of the competition and may also be used by other media. The participant agrees in principle to be available to a reasonable extent for reporting purposes after the end of the competition.

Data protection
Participation in the competition necessarily involves the processing of the participant's personal data required in this respect on the basis of Art. 6 (1) sentence 1 lit. b of the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). We will use the personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number, other contact data, age) provided by the participant in the context of participation in the sweepstakes exclusively for the purposes of conducting the sweepstakes, unless the participant has given separate consent for further uses. After completion of the competition, we delete the data, subject to legal storage obligations. Data will only be passed on to third parties for a specific purpose and insofar as this is necessary to process the competition. This may be the case in particular if the prize is handed over by a cooperation partner who provides the prize. In addition, our data protection provisions apply in which, among other things, the rights to which the participant is entitled under the General Data Protection Regulation are described in more detail.

Legal action
The legal process is excluded.

Berlin, April 2024

Should you have further questions about your stay, we are always at your disposal.

Your GRONERS team


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